St. Louis Magazine wrote an interesting and extensive article about hoarding (and I'm mentioned in the article)

It has been a long time since I have been able to update this blog. It is because I have been keeping busy with a number of different things. One of those things has been working with people that have hoarding disorders.

On a Friday afternoon some weeks ago, I was invited to lunch by two of my colleagues and a journalist, Jeanette Cooperman, of St. Louis Magazine to discuss services available for community members in St. Louis County are hoarding.

One of the things that we discussed are challenges that people with hoarding disorders face beyond the hoarding behavior. Some of those issues include anxiety, distress, embarrassment, loss of living space, threat of eviction or losing their home, and isolation from family and friends. That is where I come in. As a therapist, I work with individuals with hoarding disorders to stay motivated to complete their goals and provide unconditional positive support throughout the process.

Since that lunch, discussions have started between myself and my colleagues about doing more community education and creating professional continuing education opportunities that revolve around hoarding. Specifically, I will be working in the coming weeks to develop a presentation for working professionals in the social service and healthcare fields about diagnosing and treating individuals who have a hoarding disorder.

The article on hoarding is published online here: The print edition is available in the April 2019 issue of St. Louis Magazine. I highly recommend you take some time and read it.

If you happened to have stumbled having issues relating to hoarding because you know someone who is experiencing challenges with hoarding, or because you are hoarding, please contact me. I have some appointments slots available to provide therapy in home for people who are hoarding. Please call me to discuss your situation and set up services.

Stay calm,