In Your Prime Counseling is a private mental health practice centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri that supports adults to overcome barriers to living happy, independent, and meaningful lives.

Is In Your Prime Counseling the right fit for you?

Have you been struggling with life changes?  Maybe you know exactly what is stopping you from living your best possible life.  Maybe you don’t. Often we find ourselves dealing with with issues with our families and friends, our careers, the world around us, and even struggles within ourselves.  In Your Prime specializes in working with adults that want to overcome situational and long term barriers in their lives. If you are struggling with life changes, relationships, social issues, isolating behaviors, a negative mindset, having trouble moving past a particularly traumatizing event, or you just aren’t feeling like yourself, we want to help you.  

In Your Prime Counseling works with clients to overcome barriers by setting goals and work with clients to develop skills and overcome problems to bring out the best in themselves. We approach each client as an individual, work with you to create a plan of action that focuses on developing your strengths and provide positive support to you throughout the achievement of your goals so that you can get back to living your ideal life as quickly as possible.

Scott Morrow, owner and clinician of In Your Prime Counseling, has helped many adults from all different backgrounds overcome a wide range of issues and make meaningful changes in their lives.

If you are ready to overcome the barriers that are weighing on you, call 314-492-4242 for your free consultation.